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Terms of Use of this website

We hope you have found this Ford Transit deal finder website of use to you.

Please note that this free to use website is an introduction and deal finding service only and does not contain information relating to Model Specifications, Offers or Prices, other than those found as a result of an enquiry on the site and discussed by the dealer nominated to do so.

FordTransit.com is a wholly independent website and has no connection with Ford Motor Company or any of its Dealers or Subsidiaries.

All information contained within these pages was correct at time of publication and FordTransit.com holds no responsibility for any inaccurate information or changes not informed, by the Dealer concerned.

'Deal Finder Service' and users rights to privacy

Information supplied on the Enquiry form is totally confidential and will NOT be passed on to anyone outside the Authorised Ford Dealer Network. 

The Information will only be used for purposes of locating the keenest Ford Commercial Vehicle deals.
We will normally store/ record data, but only in accordance with Ford Motor co data protection guidelines, which means that any data held will be stored securely and not passed onto any 3rd party.


No user will be contacted for any reason other than by a referred dealer in response to an enquiry made on the official Enquiry form on this website.

Only authorised Ford Transit Specialist dealers are included in the service.
However, we cannot hold responsibility for the conduct of any dealer referred by the service, before, during or after any contact is made.


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